The Regional Symposium “Graduate Education and Research in Information Security,” GERIS’16, will be held March 7, 8, and 9, 2016, at the newly built Innovative Technologies Complex of Binghamton University.

Information assurance and cyber security have become national priorities. These important areas are addressed by a group of Binghamton University faculty specializing in Deception and Counter-Deception, Steganalysis, Tamper Evidence, Multimedia Forensics, Detection/Mitigation of Attacks on Computer Networks, Cyber Defenses of Industrial Control Systems, Detection of Malicious Insiders, Security of Cyber-Physical Systems, etc. Their research is funded by the Air Force, Navy, NSF and other federal organizations, as well as by industry. They maintain on-going exchanges with major regional academic, government and industrial institutions. They offer extensive graduate-level programs focused on information security that emphasizes integration of research in curricula and provides high quality researchers and engineers with advanced degrees for the regional, national, and international job markets. GERIS’16 is a forum for researchers and educators working in this demanding field enabling them to promote the state-of-the art in research, present their findings, share plans and ideas, advance collaborative efforts, assess the requirements of the job market and funding agencies, enhance educational programs, and strengthen existing ties with colleagues nationwide. In addition, the participants will coordinate their efforts in attracting government funding for future collaborative ventures.

GERIS’16 will be organized into five specialized sessions–three in the morning and two in the evening. Each session will include a guest lecture, an invited talk, and four or five presentations. Morning sessions will be followed by a one hour lunch break. During the sessions, coffee, soft drinks and snacks will be provided. After the first evening session, a partially subsidized (TBD) dinner will be served. The second evening session will be followed by a partially subsidized (TBD) banquet with a guest speaker. The organizers will provide a forum for world-class scholars, program managers of funding agencies, and the most advanced researchers and practitioners. Upon request, the organizers will assist with booking hotels, parking arrangements, and transportation to and from the Binghamton airport. The organizers have learned from the successes and miscalculations observed during a similar event held in 2009, GERIS’09. We are looking forward to an even better symposium in 2016.

PUBLICATIONS: 350-500 word abstracts of the GERIS’16 presentations along with photographs, affiliations and e-mail address of the presenters
will be published.

We cordially invite researchers, engineers, educators, and students with interest in Information Security to attend GERIS’16 in the capacity of a speaker, presenter, or participant.