Title_VolynkinAlexander VolynkinAbstract: Advanced Hardware Reverse Engineering

As cyber security continues to evolve further into the hardware space, it becomes increasingly important to perform security analysis against a multitude of hardware security threats. Compromised hardware systems often involve insecure algorithms and components introduced into the hardware during the integrated circuit design stage. Typical fuzz testing cannot identify vulnerabilities of a particular hardware component within an integrated circuit, especially if the original circuit design is unknown or compromised. Under these circumstances, a more sophisticated analysis, often referred to as hardware reverse engineering, is required to discover the vulnerability. In this talk we will discuss challenges related to advanced security analysis of manufactured hardware components through the process of hardware reverse engineering.


Alexander Volynkin is a Senior Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, CERT division. His research interests include network security, malware behavior analysis, advanced reverse engineering methods, and cryptanalysis. Alexander authored numerous scientific publications, a book on malware behavior analysis and a patent related to full disk encryption technologies. Dr. Volynkin is a recipient of multiple awards for his research publications.