title_popyackpopyack-picture Abstract: Tools and Methods for Teaching Malware Analysis

Many unique tools exist to look for and analyze malicious code. Bringing these tools together into a learning environment is a challenge. This talk will survey many of these tools showing how they fit into a learning environment. This learning environment for studying malware is extendable for use in analyzing targeted malware, where you never want to tip off the bad guy that you are on to him and his nefarious computer code. Where possible, demonstrations of these tools will be shown. Many of the tools are free or low cost. Commercial tools will also be highlighted, but the main focus is low cost.


Dr.  Leonard Popyack was one of the first Government research scientists to study offensive information warfare. An accomplished researcher himself, he set up a group of highly talented personnel in 1999 to develop next generation cyber tools. In 2001 he and a partner formed a company (Assured Information Security, Inc) to concentrate on delivering quality technology to the warfighter. He left that company in 2009 and now concentrates on teaching and his own research interests. Popyack holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Binghamton University and has held various positions with the US Government, large and small businesses and universities.  He is currently an Associate Professor at Utica College.  Popyack has taught courses on Internet Security Principles, Mobile Code Security, Systems Assurance Seminar, Steganography & Data Hiding, Malicious Code Analysis, Cryptography as well as the military’s Advanced Course in Engineering on Cyber Security, Steganography and Data Hiding Section.  Popyack also is president of Anjolen Inc, a small NY company which focuses on cyber related R&D.