craverAbstract: Attacks on biometric systems

Biometric systems are subject to simple attacks in which  a user attempts to impersonate a target. We exhibit a more interesting class of attacks in which unusual input can trigger strange results in a biometric detector, owing to the composition of its detector structure.  In this presentation we will show the application of this approach to attacks on both face and voice recognition.

Abstract: Cybersecurity Education at Binghamton University

This presentation will provide an overview of course offerings in security at Binghamton University, and ongoing plans to synthesize those course offerings into a distinct program or track in Information Systems Security, in a partnership between the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the department of Computer Science.


Scott Craver is an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Binghamton University. His primary research interests are in information security, and in multimedia signal processing, including biometric security.  His contribution to the state of the art include the development of watermarking attacks, asymmetric watermark detection and establishment of key exchange in steganographic channels.  He has received both an AFOSR Young Investigator award and the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).