Stephen A. Zahorian has a BS degree from the University of Rochester, and MS and Ph.D. degrees from Syracuse University, all in electrical engineering.   He joined the electrical and computer engineering department at Binghamton University in August of 2006 as professor.  He served as chairman of the department from 2006 to 2015.   His research and teaching interests are in the areas of signal processing, automatic speech recognition, and biomedical signal processing.  He has mentored the thesis work of over 40 graduate students (PhD/ MS), resulting in over 60 publications.  He and his students have developed a computer-based speech training aid for the hearing impaired.   His work has resulted in one patent and one software licensing agreement for multi-media foreign language training. He is a member of the Institute of   Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Acoustical Society of America,   and the American Society of Engineering Education.    He has been active in community outreach activities involving middle and high school students.  He has been principal investigator for federal grants which provided provide scholarship   and fellowship money for students at Binghamton University.